Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Queen City Lypse - March 6 & 7, 2009

As I have stated in previous posts, I was disappointed with only 8 photos uploaded to iStockphoto in 2008, I have vowed to upload a lot more this year and have even posted a list of goals for 2009.

On March 5th I drove to Belmont, North Carolina to attend my first iStockphoto mini lypse event titled Queen City Lypse. I was nervous attending an event like this considering I was one of only two photographers attending that was not already exclusive with iStock, not to mention my portfolio only numbered in the mid 20s.

My nervousness quickly faded when we met at dinner Thursday evening. Everyone was very friendly, willing to share any knowledge they had and the evening ended with one great photographer showing me around the iStockphoto web site giving me pointers.

On shoot day, I found out just how exhausting a shoot like these can be. Forty-one, yes 41 models over two days, six studio positions on Friday and a park, vet clinic, acupuncturist, coffee shop and a reception hall on Saturday and I was ready for a vacation to recoup from this weekend... and I still had the 10 hour drive home on Sunday.

All said and done, I shot over 600 photos on the weekend. As of this posting I have had approximately 35 photos from this shoot accepted to iStockphoto and have even had a few sales. You can see my iStockphoto Lightbox for this mini lypse here.

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