Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new year begins...

As I stated in my last blog post of 2008, I was very disappointed in my stock photography growth (or lack there of) last year and I had a new freshness revived in me.

I already have more photos uploaded to istockphoto this year than I uploaded for all of 2008. So for that, go me! I am continuing to come up with ideas to shoot and adding to my portfolio. More exciting news of note, I am also attending my first Minilypse iStockphoto event in March.

I am getting a much clearer idea of shooting images for stock as opposed to my own style. The image shown here is one of seven photos of a series shot for my iStockphoto portfolio. I originally uploaded eight images, but two of them were nearly identical, so the duplicate was not included. Of the last sixteen I have uploaded, fourteen were accepted.