Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Hot?!?!

I e-mailed my friend Gary Borland from work and asked if he or his wife were doing any shooting lately and his response was it's too hot. I thought his answer was crazy at the time, it can't be too hot to get out and shoot.

WOW could Gary's response never made more sense than my trip out this morning. I took my wife and kids to Eureaka Springs Park, which is a favorite spot of mine to take pictures of flowers and insects. Between the heat and humidity, after about 30 mins, I was soaked with sweat.

I heard they finished replacing the boardwalk, which had been destroyed by a storm, so I wanted to see it. They did and the boardwalk is nice, but I wish they would have planted some flowering plants along it.

As for the flowers, this is a "botanical garden" after all, the park was pretty barren this morning, which was a real disappointment. It looks like all the flowering plants around the place had been cut back. I hope this is just maintenance that they do and the flowers are back the next time I arrive... AFTER it cools down!